355 dead, 619 injured in earthquake: NDMA

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Thursday confirmed the deaths of 355 while 619 injuries in the earthquake hit areas in Balochistan. An earthquake measuring 7.7 Richter scale occurred in Balochistan onSeptember 24. The tremors of the breitling replica earthquake were felt across Balochistan

Province, seriously affecting Awaran and Kech Districts, due to which a number of casualties have occurred in the affected districts. The Districts worst affected by the earthquake are Awaran and Kech. According to a press release issued here by NDMA, the number of deaths in Awaran are 311 while 440 are injured.

However in Kech 44 are dead while 179 were injured.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has up till nowprovided 2600 tents; 1700 food packs; 300 blankets, mosquito nets and jerry cans each. The NDMA has supplied 2000 tents; 1500 energy biscuits; 5000 blankets and 16 tons of water bottles to the affectees. The Army/FC has provided 200 tents;1212 food packs; 300 mosquito nets and 3900 water bottles. PDMA Punjab has given 5000 tents; 500 food packs; 500 flour bags (10 kg) and 400 miscellaneous food items.

The affectees have also been made available 5 emergency health kits and rolex replica 100 trauma kits. One fully load truck of medicines was also sent from Quetta.

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