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 Our Association gifted 35 Corneas towards restoring eyesight to 35 Pakistanis. The Corneas were implanted among the blind poor people of Lahore, Islamabad and KPK Province.  The hapless victims have seen light after years of darkness and they are the breadwinners of poor families.

 Even a few little children as young as seven years old benefited from this humanitarian gesture. 
The Corneas were gifted by the Association in March 2017 on the visit of the President, Vice President and Secretary General of the Association to Pakistan.
 The People of Pakistan requested for more Corneas and this was highlighted to our Members and our well wishers, both in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
They came forward to help in this meritorious act and a further 25 Human Corneas were requested from the International Eye Bank by the Association and these Corneas will be dispatched to Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar by the fourth week of April 2017.
We are inundated with pleas for more Corneas from the People of Pakistan. We are making this request, from our members and non members in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and any other part of the world to come forward to join us in this meritorious deed as we have personally seen the plight of these hapless victims in the hospitals of Pakistan pre operative stage and their sense of gratitude, post operation.
 Anyone who likes to join in this endeavor, please contact the President, Vice President or the Secretary General of the Association urgently.