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» The Executive Committee 2017

• Patron
: His Excellency DR. Sarfraz Ahmad Sipra, Actg. High Commissioner for Pakistan.
• Vice Patrons
: Gen. Srilal Weerasooriya
   Prof. M.T.A. Furkhan
   Dr. Janbaz Khan, Deputy High Commissioner (Designate)
• President
: Deshabandu Mr. Ifthikhar Aziz , Tamgha e Khidmath (Pakistan)
• Vice Presidents
: Mr. B.M.N. Jurangpathy, Mr. Idris Admani, Mr. Fatehally Ibrahim & Mr. A.C.M. Fazli
Mr. Fazal Lafir
• Asst. Secretary general
: Mrs. F.Rizvia Moulana
• Treasurer
: Mr. Rizwi Ismail
• Asst. Treasurer
: Mr. Sohail Patel
• Chairman, trade & investment
: DEshabandu Mr. Ifthikhar Aziz, Tamgha e Khidmath (Pakistan)
• Chairman, Publicity & Promotion
: Mrs. Aysha Asad
• Chairman, Education & Cultural Activities
: Mr. Anveer Mustapha
• Chairman, Sports & Welfare Activities
: Mrs. Fawzia Jurangpathy
• Chairman, Health & Community Services
• Committee Members
  • High Commissioner's Representatives:
    Mr. Hasnain Yousaf, Head of Chancery, Mr. Adhnan Lodhi, Commercial Secretary

    Distinguished High Commissioners for Pakistan who also served as Patrons of our Association:

    • H.E. Mumtaz A. Alvie
    • H.E. E.H. Enver
    • H.E. Mehdi Masud
    • H.E. Safar-ul-Islam
    • H.E. Altaf A. Sheikh
    • H.E. Humayun Khan Panni
    • H.E. Abdur Rauf Khan
    • H.E.Waliullah Khan Khaishigi
    • H.E. Bakthiar Ali
    • H.E. Tariq Mohamed Mir
    • H.E. Mir Abad Hussein
    • H.E. Hussein Haqqani
    • H.E. Tariq Altaf
    • H.E. Abdul Basit Haqqani
    • H.E. Asraf Qureshi
    • H.E. Tanveer Khaskheli (Actg. High Commissioner)
    • H.E. Bashir Wali Khan
    • H.E. Air Vice Marshal(R) Shezad Chowdhury
    • H.E. Shaheen Gilani
    • H.E. Mariam Saeed (Actg. High Commissioner)
    • H.E. Seema Ilahi Baloch
    • H.E. General (R) Qasim Qureshi

    Our Presidents who have served the Association from its inception more than 60 years ago........

    • Gen. Anton Muttukumaru , former Army Commander & High Commissioner to Pakistan
    • Sir. Razik Farid M.P., former Minister of Trade & High Commisioner to Pakistan
    • Hon. Tamara Illangaratne M.P.
    • Hon. Ratna Deshapriya Senanayake M.P.
    • Hon. M.H.M. Naina Marikar M.P & former Minister of Finance
    • Mr.A. Canagarayer
    • Hon. Abdul Aziz M.P.
    • Deshamanya Hon. Dr. Nissanka Wijeratne M.P., former Minister of Education
    • Mr.Ranapala Bodinagoda
    • Dr. M.Fazli Nizar
    • Mr.A.Hathy Sulaiman
    • Mrs. Faleela Jurampathy
    • Dr. Lakshman Weerasena
    • Mr. Ifthikhar Aziz
    • Dr. M. Haroon
    • Mr. Ifthikhar Aziz
    • Gen(R). Srilal Weerasooriya, former Army Commander & High Commissioner to Pakistan.
    • Mr. Ifthikhar Aziz
    • Gen (R). Srilal Weerasooriya, former Army Commander & High Commissioner to Pakistan.
    • Mr. Ifthikhar Aziz


    1. The Name of the Association shall be "SRI LANKA PAKISTAN FRIENDSHIP ASSOCATION".
    2. The Registered Office shall be at the High Commission of Pakistan of Sri Lanka and the Administrative Office shall be at the Hony. Secretary's address and which shall be notified to all members.
    3. Aims and Objectives:
      • To foster and promote good understanding and strong ties between the people of Sri Lanka and Pakistan;
      • To create a greater appreciation of the cultures and traditions of both our nations by promoting and encouraging cultural exchanges, celebrating events of national importance of both nations like National Days, Independence Days, Jinnah & Iqbal Days, etc
      • To facilitate the welfare and support of Pakistanis in Sri Lanka and that of Sri Lankans in Pakistan.
      • To initiate, organize and participate in such activities that will foster and strengthen cultural, social and friendly reations between our two peoples and countries.
      • To promote student exchanges and to guide and encourage students to obtain admissions to recognized learning institutions for higher studies in Pakistan and Sri Lanka;
      • To arrange meetings, lectures or seminars workshops in the respective countries for the promotion of bilateral trade;
      • To promote various social welfare and fund raising activities
      • To take all other steps desirable and necessary for the promotion of the aims and objectives as set out above.
    4. Membership
        • The Association shall take all necessary steps to enhance the membership which shall be open to all Sri Lankans and to all other permanent residents of Pakistani origin and the Staff of the Pakistan High Commission.
        • Any such person wishing to be a Member, shall bear a good character and shall agree to respect and abide by its Constitution and shall be prepared to maintain and work for the upliftment and welfare of the aims and objectives of the Association.
      • There shall be four types of Membership:
        • Life Member – May be granted to those who to pay the stipulated Life Membership Fee upfront.
        • Honorary member –
          • Conferred at the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Executive Committee to those who have rendered outstanding service to the Association and/or contributed positively towards the promotion of friendship and good relations between the two countries.
          • All past and current Sri Lankan High Commissioners to Pakistan and and all past and Pakistani High Commissioners to Sri Lanka and their spouses shall be granted Honorary Membership.
        • Corporate Members: Open to Sri Lankan or Pakistani nationals employed by a corporate entity based in Sri Lanka. The said entity could nominate one individual to represent its interests in the Association.
        • Student Members: All Jinnah Scholarship winner will be eligible to hold honorary membership until the completion of their university education/higher studies or till they are 25 years of age, whichever comes first.
      • Membership Fee
        • Life Membership Fee shall be Rs. 3000/-
        • Corporate Membership: Rs. 10,000/-
        • Notwithstanding the quantum of fees stipulated above the above fees may be revised at any point of time if such revision is approved by the General membership of the Association.
      • Application for Membership
        • Any person qualified under 4 (a) shall be entitled to apply for Membership in the Prescribed Form proposed and seconded by two other Members, one of whom shall necessarily be an Executive Committee member and one shall be a representative of the High Commission in the Executive Committee, duly perfected and signed and forwarded to the Hony. General Secretary.
        • On receipt of such application the Hony. General Secretary shall check together with the treasurer about the current status of the Proposer and Seconder and having verified same shall endorse such application and submit for consideration of the sub-Committee for Evaluation of New Membership.
        • However, if the Hony. General Secretary finds that an Application is defective, improper or not conforming to the accepted norm, then he may call upon the Applicant to remedy the defects (if remediable) or he shall reject same giving his reasons. If aggrieved, the Applicant may appeal to the President within Two weeks of such rejection.
        • The Sub-Committee for Evaluation of New memberships shall consider such new Applications and afterwards make their observations. The Chairman of the Committee shall inform about their findings to the General Secretary either.
          • recommending the enrolment of the New member or
          • rejecting the Application giving reasons for same.
          • Successful applicant shall be called upon to pay the stipulated membership Fee within 14 days of such notification. If such person fails to comply within this time limit then his Application will automatically cease to be effective. If he wishes to re-apply he may do so provided the entire process is repeated afresh.
          • In the event the Application is rejected the General Secretary shall inform such person of its rejection giving reasons for such rejection. If aggrieved the Applicant may appeal to the President.
        • Any appeal so received shall be placed before the very next Executive Committee for consideration. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and conclusive which shall be communicated to the Applicant.
      • Validity/Termination of Membership
        • All Members shall pay the stipulated current Membership Fee whenever it becomes due
        • Any member who is convicted in a Court of Law over any Criminal proceedings, shall automatically cease to be a member. He shall be debarred from holding any Office.
      • 01 Patron – The Head of the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo.
      • Three Vice Patrons elected at the Annual General meeting to serve a Three Year Term that may be extended by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Membership.
      • Unless more than 2 vacancies occurring from among the Vice Patrons the remaining Vice Patrons shall continue to hold office for the rest of the term.
      • However should there be more than two vacancies occurring such vacancies shall be filled by the Executive Committee and their term shall be upto the next AGM.
      • No Vice Patrons shall hold office for more than 02 consecutive Terms of 03 years each.
      • The Executive Committee shall, immediately after its first Executive Committee meeting following an AGM present a Plan of Action to the Patron detailing proposed activities and events for the ensuing year together with a proposed Budget and obtain his/her views and support
        • Apart from the Patrons and 3 Vice Patrons the other office Bearers of the Association shall be:-
          • President
          • Immediate Past President.
          • Two Vice Presidents
          • Hony. General Secretary
          • Hony. Assistant Secretary
          • Hony. Treasurer
          • Hony. Assistant Treasurer
          • Chairman Health & Social Welfare Activities
          • Chairman Educational and Cultural Activities
          • Chairman Sports and Recreational Activities
          • Chairman Publicity and promotional Activities
          • Two Representatives nominated by His/Her Excellency the High Commissioner for Pakistan.
          • Eleven Committee Members of which three shall be Pakistanis who shall be Members of the Association(Totaling to 25 members forming the Executive Committee.)
        • The Patron, the 3 Vice Patrons and all Past Presidents (by virtue of their Office as Past Presidents) shall be Ex-Officio Members of the Executive Committee.
        • The Office Bearers shall continue to hold Office until the next AGM which must be held at the end of twelve calendar months of the previous AGM or under very special circumstances, delayed for valid reasons by a consensus reached by the Executive Committee in consultation with the High Commissioner.
        • NOMINATION OF OFFICE BEARERS – Excepting the Two Privileged Members above, all other aspirant Office Bearers shall adhere to the following:
          • At least Two (2) Weeks prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting Nominations shall be submitted either by Registered Post or by hand addressed to the Hony. General Secretary and an acknowledgement obtained. The Hony General Secretary shall register and serialize same and giving the date of receipt and a running number.
          • The Hony. General Secretary shall be required within Seven Days of the closing date of the Nominations to submit a report to the Executive Committee containing the list of Names and Addresses of the Persons aspiring to hold office.
          • No Member as defined in Section 4D (ii) and (iii) shall be eligible to contest any office.
          • No Member shall hold the same office for more than Three (3) consecutive terms or the time duration from his 1st election until after the commencement of the 4th AGM after his election.Provided that the term of Office of President shall be confined to Two (2) consecutive Terms only.
          • An Election Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and empowered with the task of making all necessary arrangements for an election, if required.
          • The Election Committee shall count the votes and declare those elected.
          • All used ballot papers shall then be handed over to the Hony. General Secretary for safe keeping for a period of not less that 90 days from the date of the Election.
          • Any queries about of the conduct of the election or the validity of the Ballot Paper shall be addressed to the President in writing giving reasons for a re-scrutiny not later than 14 days from the date of the election.
          • All such complaints received within the stipulated time limit shall be placed before the very next executive Committee meeting for consideration and if there is prima-facie case established then such findings shall be placed before a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose and then the matter to be appropriately settled.
          • If the complaint proves negative, then the complainant shall be informed, the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.
        • PATRON: the Patron shall be consulted by the President on all important matters pertaining to the policy, administrative, financial decisions of the Association. The Patron shall guide the overall activities of the Association by endorsing the Plan of Action presented after the AGM. The Patron shall also be invested with the authority of resolving any issue pending a decision for more than a month. Patron's decision shall be made in consultation with the Executive Committee and accepted by the General Membership of the Association.
        • PRESIDENT: The President shall be the overall Head of the Association. He shall be entrusted with the noble responsibility of leading the Association from strength to strength. He shall be responsible to guide the Association in fulfilling the aims, objectives and goals of the Association. He shall be the representative figure to contact, confer discuss and decide on all matters pertaining to the welfare of the members. He shall exercise his powers to communicate and conclude with any other organizations, institutions, ministry of Government Departments or any other source in order to achieve the promotion of the objectives and welfare of the Association. The President shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all activities of the Association. He shall be entrusted with the maintenance of harmony, peace good understanding among the Members in order to stamp discipline, unity and goodwill amongst the Membership, Executive Committee and the office Bearers. He shall maintain this Association as a Friendship Association and strive to foster and promote good relationship with other Friendship Associations. He shall act at all times act impartially. He shall have the power to give a ruling on any matter in dispute and such ruling shall be binding on all Members of the Association. The President shall preside at all meetings.
        • HONY GENERAL SECRETARY - The Office of the Hony. General Secretary shall for all purposes be a very responsible and demanding one. The entire umbrella of administrative work of the Association shall fall within the ambit and jurisdiction of the office of the Hony. General Secretary. The Hony. General Secretary shall jealously guard the documents of the Association during his period of office and safely hand them over to his successor at the end of his term. An inventory of the properties of the Association shall be maintained by him. The Hony. General Secretary shall be empowered to carry out all administrative work with the view to ensuring the continuous promotion of the good image of the Association and ensure that the activities of the Association are carried out smoothly. He shall be responsible for the proper and timely holding of all Meetings. He shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of various Sub-Committees and shall have undisputed powers to check on the progress made by any sub-committees. He shall be responsible to communicate with such Sub-Committees and the General Membership. By virtue of his position the Hony. General Secretary shall enjoy the right to inform the Executive Committee and the General Membership about the shortcomings faced by the Association. He shall have the power to remedy and rectify such shortcomings after obtaining the prior approval of the Executive committee. He shall ensure that timely notices are sent in respect of any meetings. He shall maintain proper minting of all relevant matters discussed at meetings. No correspondence or document in the name of the Association shall be valid unless it jointly bears the seal and the signature of the Hony. General Secretary. All letters and notices shall bear his stamp and signature. However if necessary the Hony. General Secretary may delegate some of his functions to be done by his Assistant Secretary.
        • THE TREASURER - The Treasurer shall be in charge of all financial matters of the Association. He shall be answerable also to the inventory of all assets belonging to the Association. He shall be authorized to collect all dues to the Association from whatever sources and to maintain proper accounting. All payments paid by him shall be authorized by the Executive Committee or in very special instances by the President and the General Secretary. The Treasurer shall present a monthly statement of Accounts to the Executive committee. He shall also present the Audited Annual Statement of Accounts of the year preceding the AGM, at that AGM, and have same adopted by the General membership. All drawing from the bank Accounts shall bear the signature of the Treasurer and the President or the Hony. General Secretary. The Treasurer may be assisted by the Assistant Treasurer.
        • The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held once in every year and not later than 12 months after the preceding AGM.
        • The exact date of the AGM shall be agreed upon by the Executive Committee not later than two months prior to agreed date of the AGM. The agenda shall be agreed upon b the Executive Committee at the same time.
        • The Executive Committee shall have no right whatsoever to defer or postpone the holding an AGM beyond the stipulated 12 months.
        • However under special circumstances and of absolute necessity an AGM may be postponed to a date, not later that three months beyond its scheduled date provided such postponement shall have been adopted by the Executive Committee, with the concurrence of the Patron.
        • Consequent to the aforesaid section, the very next AGM shall fall in line with the corresponding month of the following year.
      • SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING - A Special General Meeting may be summoned if
        • The President desires it necessary or
        • The Executive Committee desires it necessary or
        • At least 25 Members call for the holding of such meeting giving specific reasons.
        • On receipt of a Requisition for the convening of a Special General Meeting the Hony. General Secretary shall place such requisition before the Executive Committee for a decision and such SGM shall be held only if more than 50% of the Ex-co members present vote in favour of holding such a meeting. The decision of the Executive Committee in this regard shall be final and conveyed to the Members who have signed such requisition.
      • Executive Committee Meeting:
        • The Executive Committee shall meet at least once every month;
      • Special/Emergency Executive Committee meeting may be held
        • The President desires it necessary
        • The Executive committee desires it necessary
        • On a written requisition made by at least Seven (7) Members of the Executive Committee stating the reason for same.
      • Notices of Meetings
        • Annual General Meeting – 21 days
        • Special General Meeting – 07 days
        • Executive Committee Meeting – 05 days
        • Special Executive Committee Meeting – 03 days
        • Emergency executive Committee Meeting – 01 day
        • Notwithstanding the above requirements, the Hony. General Secretary may convey oral/verbal information regarding Special and/or Emergency Ex-Co meetings.
    8. Quorum at Meetings
      • Annual General Meeting – 30 Members
      • Special General Meeting – 25 Members
      • Executive Committee Meeting – 07 Members
      • Special/emergency Ex-Co Meeting – 05 Members
    9. Participation of members at Meetings – Any Member who has been elected at an AGM shall be required actively in the affairs of the Association. The Association will desire it very that such elected office-bearers will contribute with responsibility for the upliftment of the Association and thereby participate at Meetings. If an elected Office Bearer absents himself without a written intimation for his absence, for the three consecutive meetings such a Member will automatically cease to hold his office from thereafter. Therefore it will be the elected office Bearer's responsibility to ensure that he has not caused the vacancy of his office. If there by any point of time there be vacancies so caused due to absence from meeting or by resignations, such vacancy shall be filled by the Executive committee at the next meeting.
    10. In the even the office of the President has been vacated due to the above reasons then an interim President until the next AGM shall be elected by the Executive Committee and such election shall be necessarily be from among the Vice Presidents.
    11. Sub-Committees – At the first meeting of the Executive Committee after the AGM the Chairman of four sub-committees shall propose for the approval of the Executive Committee Five persons for each of the Sub-Committees. At the very next meeting of the Ex-Co the Four chairmen shall table the Programme of activities to be carried out by such committees.
    12. Control and Administration of funds
      • The Hony. Treasurer shall be responsible for the custody of all monies belonging to the Association and for the collections and disbursements and to keep the books of accounts and to table the monthly accounts. The Hony. Asst. Treasurer may assist the Hony Treasurer in performing the above duties.
      • The Hony Treasurer shall submit to the Executive Committee for approval the Audited Statement of Accounts. He shall table same to be adopted at the Annual General Meeting.
      • The Financial Year of the Association shall be from 1st January to 31st December. He shall also maintain an Inventory of the Assets of the Association.
    13. General - Miscellaneous
      • Resolution proposed by the General Members shall be submitted to the Hony. General Secretary who in turn shall table all such Resolutions before the Executive Committee.Therefore, all such Resolutions shall be placed before the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. However no Resolutin shall be placed before the Annual General Meeting or special General Meeting unless more that 50% of the members of the Executive Commiottee voting in favour of it.
      • The Executive Committee shall act according to the Constitution and shall at all times exhibit high standard of transparency accountability and credibility in the exercise of its powers.
      • The general membership is sovereign and supreme and shall be upheld by the Executive Committee at all times.
      • Any Amendments to the constitution of the Association shall have to be moved at an Annual General Meeting or at a special General meeting after due notice is served. Such amendments shall become effective only after being adopted by a 2/3rds majority of those present at the meeting.
      • Any matter not sufficiently addressed to under this Constitution and if such a lapse might cause a void then the Executive Committee shall be empowered to make an interim decision on the matter, until a final decision is made by the General membership at the earliest possible date.
      • Any Member who desires to be as an office bearer shall be willing to devote his time and effort for the welfare of the Association. Should he feel otherwise he shall not opt to take up any office.
      • It shall be required of every office bearer to attend to the functions of his office promptly and regularly without absenting himself or shirking responsibility of his office. I certify that this the Constitution was Adopted at the Special General Meeting held on 10th September 2011.
    15. Ifthikhar Aziz
      Sri Lanka Pakistan Friendship Association.
      11th September 2011.

    Member List

    • A001/L Al-Haj. Anver Ahamed
    • A002/L Mr. Ifthikhar Aziz
    • A003/L Mr. Aziz Ashroff
    • A004/L Mr. M.B. Amaratunga
    • A005/L Mr. M.Mohideen Ariff
    • A006/L Mrs. Fawziya Abdeen
    • A007/L Mrs. Shifa Nilar Aroosi
    • A008/L Mr. Imthiaz A. Aziz
    • A009/L Mrs. Yasmin Aziz
    • A010/L Mrs. Mirza Ameen
    • A011/L Mr. M.H.M. Azmi
    • A012/L Mr. Surendra C.P. Abeysekara
    • A013/L Mr. S.M. Ansar
    • A014/L Mr. S.H.M. Azmi
    • A015/L Mr. M.N. Shamsul Arafath
    • A016/L Mr. A.M. Aslam
    • A017/L Mr. M.I.A.L. Ameen
    • A018/L Mrs. Q.G. Azeez
    • A019/L Dr. S.M. Asram
    • A020/L Mrs. Z.K. Ali

    • B001/L Mr. Hussain Bhaila
    • B002/L Mrs. Badriya Bawa

    • C001/L Mr. Nawas Cafoor
    • C002/L Mr. G.S. Chatoor
    • C003/L Mr. Naizer Cader
    • C004/L Mr. S. Abdul Cader
    • C005/L Dr. Hosni Cader
    • C006/L Mr. J.A. Cader
    • C007/L Dr. Kaleel Cassim
    • C008/L Dr. Mrs. Rozana Cassim
    • C009/L Mr. Jehan K. Cassim
    • C010/L Mr. M.Sharaz Cassim
    • C011/L Mrs. Fathima R. Cader
    • C012/L Mrs. Z. Shannaz Cader
    • C013/L Mr. A.M. Abdul Cader
    • C014/L - Mr. Mohamed Falih Feizal Caffoor

    The membership numbers allocated to each member and the order in which they appear do not reflect their seniority in the association. The names have been listed above in an alphabetical order purely for convenience only

    • D001/L Mr. Senevi De Silva
    • D002/L Mr. Laxman De Silva
    • D003/L Mr. Lalith De Silva
    • D004/L Mrs. Damayanthi De Alwis
    • D005/L Air Vice Marshal G.Y. De Silva
    • D006/L Dr. P.A.C. De Silva
    • D007/L Mr. Upali N. De Silva
    • D008/L Mr. Malani De Silva
    • D009/L Dr. Dinusha P. De Silva
    • D010/L - Dr. Revelion Soetomo Drahaman

    • F001/L Prof. M.T.A. Furkhan
    • F002/L Mr. A.C.M. Fazli
    • F003/L Dr. Mrs. Yaszmin Fazli
    • F004/L Dr. M.M. Faiz
    • F005/L Mr. A.M.M. Faizal
    • F006/L Mrs. Umaira Faizal
    • F007/L Mrs. Zakiya Fareed
    • F008/L Mr. M.I. Ahmed Faus
    • F009/L Mrs. Nawaziya Farook
    • F010/L Mr. Faris Feroze
    • F011/L Mr. M.B.M. Faiz
    • F012/L Mr. J.A.X. Fernando
    • F013/L Mrs. S. Huzaima Farook

    The membership numbers allocated to each member and the order in which they appear do not reflect their seniority in the association. The names have been listed above in an alphabetical order purely for convenience only

    • G001/L Mr. Onally Gulamhussain
    • G002/L Mr. Haleem Ghouse
    • G003/L Mr. G.N.S.L. Grero
    • G004/L Brig. Harsha Gunaratna
    • G005/L Mr. Kanishka Gunasekara
    • G006/L Mrs. Kathija A. Gaffar
    • G007/L Mrs. Z. Fazeena Ghany

    • H001/L Mr. M. Siddik Haniffa
    • H002/L Dr. A.A.M. Haroon
    • H003/L Mr. Macky Hashim
    • H004/L Mrs. Noor Haniffa
    • H005/L Mr. Haseeb A. Hameed
    • H006/L Mrs. Hameed
    • H007/L Mr. A. Hamdani
    • H008/L Mr. S.M.H.M. Hameed
    • H009/L Mr. Zafar Hassan
    • H010/L Mr. B. Haleed
    • H011/L Ms. Maneesha Hindurangale
    • H012/L Mrs. Faiza Haniffa
    • H013/L Mr. A.N.S. Hasheem
    • H014/L Ms. S. Ayesha Hilmi
    • H015/L Mr. M. Hamza
    • H016/L - Mrs. Zimna Hassan

    • I001/L Mrs. Fathima Iqbal
    • I002/L Mr. M. Iqbal
    • I003/L Mr. A.H.M. Iqbal
    • I004/L Mr. M. Imran
    • I005/L Mr. A.M. Ismail
    • I006/L Mr. I.I. Atheek Inan
    • I007/L Mr. M. Rizwi Ismail

    The membership numbers allocated to each member and the order in which they appear do not reflect their seniority in the association. The names have been listed above in an alphabetical order purely for convenience only

    • J001/L Mr. Bashir Jeevanjee
    • J002/L Mrs. Faleela Jurangpathy
    • J003/L Mr. Iqbal Jafferjee
    • J004/L MRs. Tasneem Jafferjee
    • J005/L Mr. M. Jamaludeen
    • J006/L Mr. B.M.N. Jurangpathy
    • J007/L Mrs. Fouziya Jurangpathy
    • J008/L Mr. Hilmi Junaid
    • J009/L Mr. M.L.S. Jayasekara
    • J010/L Mr. A.L.M. Jaleel
    • J011/L Mrs. Huzaima Jaleel
    • J012/L Mr. G.A. Joseph
    • J013/L Mr. A.M. Jameel
    • J014/L Mr. J.P. Jeyaram
    • J015/L Mr. F. Mifthia Jalaldeen

    • K001/L Mr. Muni Kundanmal
    • K002/L Mr. Joseph Kenny
    • K003/L Mr. M.F.M. Manzil Khan
    • K004/L Mr. A.K.N.I. Khan

    • L001/L Dr. M.A. Lathiff
    • L002/L Mr. S.D. Liyanage
    • L003/L Mrs. N. Fareena Lafir
    • L004/L Mr. Fazal Lafir

    The membership numbers allocated to each member and the order in which they appear do not reflect their seniority in the association. The names have been listed above in an alphabetical order purely for convenience only

    • M001/L Mr. A.A.M. Marleen
    • M002/L Mr. U.T. Muhajireen
    • M003/L Mr. U.L.A. Majeed
    • M004/L Mr. M. Nizam Mohamed
    • M005/L Mr. M.C.M. Muneer
    • M006/L Mr. Faizer Musthapha
    • M007/L Mrs. Ayesha Maharouf
    • M008/L Mr. M.F. Mansoor
    • M009/L Dr. Mrs. Sabreena Mohideen
    • M010/L Mr. Faiz Musthapha
    • M011/L Mrs. Fathima Musthapha
    • M012/L Mr. Zulfer Ayoob Makar
    • M013/L Mrs. Faisza Makar
    • M014/L Dr. M.S.H. Mohamed
    • M015/L Mrs. T.N. Mathew
    • M016/L Mr. K.M. Mubarak
    • M017/L Ms. Sanjini Munaweera
    • M018/L Mr. M.I. Mohamed
    • M019/L Mr. D.B. Manamperi
    • M020/L Mr. Saeed A. Malik
    • M021/L Mr. I.D.M. Mohideen
    • M022/L Mr. M.M. Mafoor
    • M023/L Mrs. N. Saniya Mahushukeen
    • M024/L Mr. M. Mahroof Mohomed
    • M025/L Dr. M.M.M. Mustapha
    • M026/L - Mrs. Taranisha N. Mathew
    • M027/L - Mrs. Khadija Munas

    • N001/L Mr. B.A. Niyas
    • N002/L Mr. M.N.M. Naphiel
    • N003/L Mr. P.K.G. Nanayakkara
    • N004/L Mr. Mohamed Nilar
    • N005/L Mrs., Mona Nizamdeen
    • N006/L Mr. Chamath Nandasena
    • N007/L Mr. M. Naleem
    • N008/L Mr. Anton Nanayakkara
    • N009/L Mr. N.M. Mohideen Ninzer

    • O001/L Mr. Hashim Omar
    • O002/L Mr. Feroz Omar
    • O003/L Mrs. Amina omar

    The membership numbers allocated to each member and the order in which they appear do not reflect their seniority in the association. The names have been listed above in an alphabetical order purely for convenience only

    • P001/L Dr. A.C.E. Perera
    • P002/L Dr. Ajith C.S. Perera
    • P003/L Mr. Suren Pinto
    • P004/L Mr. J.P. Perera
    • R001/L Dr. A.C.M. Rifai
    • R002/L Mrs. S.R. Rahim
    • R003/L Dr. M.M. Rahuman
    • R004/L Mr. Ashroff Rumi
    • R005/L Mr. A.H. Razak
    • R006/L Mr. K. Ramesh
    • R007/L Mr. M.H.M. Rafiq
    • R008/L Col. Ranjith Rupasingha
    • R009/L Mr. Ahmed Riyaz
    • R010/L Mr. M. Fahim Rahim
    • R011/L Mrs. Jesmin Rahim
    • R012/L Mr. Asela B. Rekawa
    • R013/L Mrs. Priyani Ratnagopal
    • R014/L Mr. M.S.M. Risdy
    • R015/L Mr. A.H.I. Rishan
    • R016/L Mr. A.M. Ranjith
    • R017/L Dr. M. Ramajeyam
    • R018/L Mrs. Kusumalatha Ratnayaka
    • R019/L Dr. U. Ranasinghe
    • R020/L Mrs. Syraiya Rizwi

    The membership numbers allocated to each member and the order in which they appear do not reflect their seniority in the association. The names have been listed above in an alphabetical order purely for convenience only

    • S001/L Mr. N. Shewakaram
    • S002/L Mr. Bede Selvanayagem
    • S003/L Mr. A.J.M. Jaufer Sadiq
    • S004/L Mr. M.S.M. Shamil
    • S005/L Mrs. A. Marliya Siddeek
    • S006/L Mr. M. Azam Shariff
    • S007/L Mr. E. Kuvera Isuruda Soysa
    • S008/L Mr. K.A.D. Roshan Sanjeewa
    • S009/L Mr. K.D.S. Siriwardene
    • S010/L Mr. A.C.M. Shafeek
    • S011/L Mrs. Norma Sumanapala
    • S012/L Mr. S. Samson
    • S013/L Mrs. J. Shurafa Shahied
    • S014/L Dr. A.C.M. Saneek
    • S015/L Mr. S. Muhammed Shazli
    • S016/L Mr. S. Shanmuganathan
    • S017/L Mrs. H.F. Sheriffdeen

    • T001/L Mr. Tariq Tulba
    • T002/L Mr. J.G.B.A. Tissera
    • T003/L Ms. Shaheera Thowfeek
    • T004/L Mr. M. Zaman Thaha
    • T005/L Mrs. Fawaza Thaha
    • T006/L Mr. A. Tantirige
    • T007/L Mr. S. Thillainathan

    The membership numbers allocated to each member and the order in which they appear do not reflect their seniority in the association. The names have been listed above in an alphabetical order purely for convenience only

    • U001/L Mrs. Razia Uvaim

    • V001/L Mr. K.C. Vignaraja
    • V002/L Mrs. G. Sabrina Vaffoor

    • W001/L Mr. D.S. Wanigasoorya
    • W002/L Mr. Clarence Welikala
    • W003/L Mrs. Welikala
    • W004/L Mr. G.R. Welikala
    • W005/L Dr. Lakshman L. Weerasena
    • W006/L Mr. Douglas Wijeratne
    • W007/L Gen. Srilal Weerasooriya
    • W008/L Mrs. Dilhani Weerasooriya
    • W009/L Ms. Rukshani Weerasooriya
    • W010/L Mr. Nissanka Wijeratna
    • W011/L Mr. E. Udesh Weeraratna
    • W012/L Mr. A.E. Wisumperuma
    • W013/L Mr. D.C. Wanasingha
    • W014/L Mrs. D. Chitra Weerakkody

    The membership numbers allocated to each member and the order in which they appear do not reflect their seniority in the association. The names have been listed above in an alphabetical order purely for convenience only

    • Y001/L Mr. A. Karim Yoosuf
    • Y002/L Mr. M. Yousuf
    • Y003/L Mr. Shamraz Yehiya
    • Y004/L Mr. M. Hafeel Yakoob

    • Z001/L Mr. Irfan Thaha Zainudeen
    • Z002/L Mrs. S. Zaneera Zaveer
    • Z003/L Dr. M.G.M.S. Zurfick

    The membership numbers allocated to each member and the order in which they appear do not reflect their seniority in the association. The names have been listed above in an alphabetical order purely for convenience only